Clarification of the article submitted as “Abortion and Human Rights: Who Counts as One of Us?” by Andrew Guernsey and Jessica Janneck, VFL Executive Board Members

To view the article published electronically after revision as “A fetus is a human with a right to live”, please click here. Please note that the article has been changed since its original printed and electronic publication: “Correction: In the print edition, this article appeared under the headline “Abortion on demand is institutionalized mass murder”. This headline misrepresented the subject of the article and has been changed for the online version.”

The original submission of the article titled “Abortion and Human Rights: Who Counts as One of Us?” can be found here.

Mis-published in print and electronically on October 30th, 2014, under the title “Abortion on demand is institutionalized mass murder”,  other changes were made that changed the meaning and the intentions of the article submitted. The purpose of this article is to invite Hopkins students to respectful discourse on the subject of abortion.