VFL Club Photos

Spring 2016:

Attending UB’s Baby Shower (May)

Blessing Bags for New and Expecting Mothers (April)

Delivering the Collected Diapers and Baby Supplies to Pregnancy Center North (April)

Fall 2015: 

Advertising Event for Diaper Drive at Levering (November 12th)

“Life is…” Banner (Displayed in the Breezeway from October 27th to November 1st)

Pregnant On Campus Initiative Tri-Fold Information Board

Planned Parenthood Project on October 22nd

National Pro-Life Chalking Day on September 24th: #WomenBetrayed

Preparing for National Pro-Life Chalking Day

#ShoutYourAdoption in response to #ShoutYourAbortion

#iSEETWO Media Campaign

Fall 2015 T-Shirt

Fall 2014:

Respect Life Day on October 20th

Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Resource List has been updated!

Fall 2014 T-Shirt