Johns Hopkins Voice for Life: Your prayers are needed today! 

[VFL] – Your prayers are needed! Today, the Supreme Court is hearing Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

Hello fellow pro-lifers!

Today is an important day for life, and your prayers are needed! The Supreme Court is hearing Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. As the March for Life has said, “oral arguments [are] happening today for the biggest abortion case at Supreme Court in decades”.

According to the SCOTUSBlog, this is what is at stake: “Issue: (1) Whether, when applying the “undue burden” standard of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a court errs by refusing to consider whether and to what extent laws that restrict abortion for the stated purpose of promoting health actually serve the government’s interest in promoting health; and (2) whether the Fifth Circuit erred in concluding that this standard permits Texas to enforce, in nearly all circumstances, laws that would cause a significant reduction in the availability of abortion services while failing to advance the State’s interest in promoting health – or any other valid interest.”

According to Rep. Diane Black, “At the heart of this case are two provisions in a 2013 Texas state law that, in part, requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and requires abortion clinics to comply with the same standards set for other outpatient surgery centers. Many of us would call that commonsense, but the plaintiffs in this case have somehow reasoned that it is comparable to “a complete ban on abortion” – a reminder of the kind of hyperbole that the big abortion industry uses to quash even the most basic protections for mothers and their babies”.

The need for pro-life laws is palpable. 
As Cheryl Sullenger of LifeNews.Com reports: “Less than 48 hours before the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a pivotal Texas abortion case focused on women’s safety, an ambulance transported a woman from Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center, an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas”.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said: “This latest medical emergency at a Texas abortion facility only emphasizes abortion risks and how important it is for abortionists to maintain minimum safety standards and hospital privileges within 30 miles of their abortion facilities”. To read more, please click here.

Johns Hopkins Voice for Life recognizes the life of both mother and child. #iSEEtwo
As a club, Johns Hopkins Voice for Life seeks to defend the right to and safety of every human life, from conception until natural death. This includes both the mother and her child. What is at stake today as the Supreme Court is hearing Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt  is the safety and wellbeing of a woman who is in the middle of or has already had an abortion. Every life is valuable and deserves protecting, which is why we support the laws, such as have been passed in Texas, which place regulations and requirements on the abortion industry to protect the lives of women.

Further, we would like to remind you of the #iSEETWO campaign from Focus on the Family. According to, “The concept is straightforward: “When some look at a pregnant woman, they see only one life; we see two.” Pro-choicers fail to recognize life in the womb. Pro-lifers who fail to acknowledge the woman make a similar error. #iSEETWO reaffirms our commitment to value both lives in a pregnancy”.

With everything that we do, we truly have the opportunity of changing hearts and saving lives. 

Thank you all for your commitment to this very important cause!

For life today and always,
VFL Executive Board


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