National Websites

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National Websites

40 Days for Life
Truly phenomenal pro-life effort that has brought hundreds of new people into the pro-life movement and saved hundreds of babies lives. Held twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

Abortion Education
To educate about the value of life, from fertilization through natural death.

American Life League
Another exceptional pro-life group. Lots of great information and resources.

Cenacles of Life
The Cenacles of Life are prayer groups that pray two rosaries (ten mysteries) offering the rosaries up with fasting.

Sponsors summer pro-life pilgrimages that span the continental U.S.

Concerned Women For America
A great pro-life, pro-family, pro-American web site.

Face The Truth America
Showing America the ugly truth of abortion.

Generation Life
Generation Life is a dynamic movement of young people who are building a culture of life by spreading the intertwined pro-life and chastity messages to their peers.

Goretti Group
The Goretti Group was established to foster pure and healthy lifestyles through education and support networks.

Human Life International
Fighting the culture of death all over the world.

Life Dynamics
PRO-LIFE WITHOUT COMPROMISE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, AND WITHOUT COMPROMISE!That’s the motto of LIFE DYNAMICS headed by the great Mark Crutcher, the CIA of the PRO-LIFE movement.

Our goal is to end abortion through all the unified proLife voices of  the United States and many from around the world.  Our grassroots operation relies on person to person communications and proLife organizations reaching out to all their proLife contacts..

National Prolife Action Center 
The mission of the National Pro-Life Action Center is to give the Justices of the Supreme Court, their high level staff, members of the federal judiciary, members of the US Senate and other public policy makers the information, education and inspiration they need to better form their consciences so they will make better decisions.

National Prolife Radio
National Pro-Life Radio is an exciting new broadcast platform spotlighting everything that is taking place in the global movement to restore human dignity and respect for every human being on the planet.

National Right To Life Committee
The NRLC has a great web site with lots of information on pro-life issues including partial-birth abortion, managed care, and much more.

Operation Rescue
Great web site legally and effectively closing down abortion mills with a special focus on 3rd trimester abortionist George Tiller.

Population Research Institute
Exposing abortionists all over the world.  Instrumental in US decision to stop funding the UNFPA.

Personhood USA
Powerful web site serves the pro-life community by assisting local groups to initiate citizen, legislative, and political action focusing on the ultimate goal of the pro-life movement: personhood rights for all innocent humans. The organization intends to build the support of at least two thirds of the states in an effort to reaffirm personhood within the U.S. Constitution.

Priests for Life
An exceptional pro-life web site with an extremely thorough listing of pro-life/pro-family web sites plus lots of original information.

Prolife Across America
“The Billboard People” Since 1989 PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s Media Mission is to reach out through
Billboard, TV, radio and newspaper ads to people who may not be reached in
any other way.

Prolife Action League
Joe Schiedler’s pro-life organization. Need we say more? is uniting Pro-Life organizations and individuals by supporting frequent Pro-Life united calls for life around the country and the world.

Pro Vita Advisors
This group headed by Tom Strobhar explores the business aspects of abortion, especially as it applies to corporate funding.  It assists in preparing shareholder resolutions against corporate donations to Planned Parenthood, abortifacients, fetal tissue research, contraceptives, and child pornography.

Students For Life
This great site tells you how to be effective pro-life activists on your college or high school campus.

Medical Students For Life
Healthcare and medical professionals committed to developing sustainable patient health care, by advocating person-centered medicine and defending conscience rights.