Interested in Making a Donation to JHU Voice for Life?

If you are interested in joining and/or supporting the Johns Hopkins Voice for Life club, we encourage you to contact us at Please click here to email a specific Executive Board member.

If you would like to send monetary donations by check, please do so to “The Johns Hopkins University Voice for Life club” by mailing to the address below. Please include a note with your monetary donation expressing how you would like to see your donation used and the best address to send a thank you note. Your monetary donations allow Voice for Life to host amazing speakers, purchase club attire to raise awareness on the JHU Homewood campus, subsidize the costs of attendance at pro-life leadership conferences and the March for Life in Washington, D.C. for club members, and allow the club to purchase necessary items to host successful events.

3400 North Charles Street
Mattin Center Suite 210 #206
Batimore, MD 21218

Please consider donating items to support the pro-life ministry that the Johns Hopkins Voice for Life club does on the JHU Homewood Campus and the surrounding Baltimore area. Please email to inquire about the best mailing address for items, as the best mailing address for items changes each year. Some especially needed items include:

  • chalk for chalking pro-life messages and resource information around our campus
  • neon and/or pastel colored 8.5×11 paper for printing flyers and handouts
  • white 8.5×11 paper for general club printing
  • fabric markers for decorating cloth banners to hang on the Breezeway
  • tri-fold poster boards to have at the ready so that we are able to organize a speedy pro-life response when necessary on our campus
  • pregnancy tests to be able to offer free pregnancy tests to students on campus
  • red duct tape for #silentday and other non-speaking events on campus
  • markers and permanent markers 
  • pro-life apologetics books for reference 

Please consider donating to a specific event that the Johns Hopkins Voice for Life club is hosting. Each semester on our campus is different! Please check out our Events page here to learn more. Some examples include:

  • cupcakes for Pro-Life Cupcake Day (October 9th)
  • t-shirts and club attire for club members to wear at events and on campus to raise awareness about the cause of life
  • diapers and baby supplies during the Fall semester when we host a Diaper and Baby Supplies drive
  • club pizza parties to kick off the semester or celebrate the end of an amazing year (this way you can meet club members as well!)

Johns Hopkins Voice for Life thanks you

for your kind and generous donations!