1) JHU Voice for Life FAQ

Is abortion your only focus?

No. We seek to promote a comprehensive vision of the Culture of Life, which encompasses a range of bioethical issues, from abortion, cloning, and embryonic stem cell research, to euthanasia.

Is Voice for Life affiliated with any political or religious organization?

No. VFL has no political or religious affiliations.

What kinds of activities do you engage in?

We will invite pro-life speakers to campus, sponsor debates, put up posters, advocate for information about abortion alternatives to be placed around campus, be present at student information fairs, display fetal models in the Breezeway, and display the cemetery of the innocents, all in order to promote critical thinking on abortion and related bioethical issues here at JHU.

Other activities include volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers, sidewalk counseling , maintaining contacts with local and national pro-life organizations, especially the Students for Life, and organizing an annual trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Does your organization take a stand on contraception?

While we oppose contraceptives that function as abortifacients, we take no stance on contraception itself. Our members may have different opinions about this issue.

Could you please clarify what you exactly mean by “sidewalk counseling”?

The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized and defined sidewalk counseling as “. . . a conversation of a non-threatening nature by not more than two people with each person or group of persons they are seeking to counsel. . .” Schenck, 519 U.S. 357 (1997). In the case of Voice for Life’s involvement in the practice of sidewalk counseling, our members speak to individuals—it may be a parent, boyfriend, or the woman herself—on the public property (esp. the sidewalk) outside the abortion clinic, and peacefully hand out literature, provide information about life issues, crisis pregnancy centers, and the abortion clinic itself — in an effort to persuade the the individual to choose life for the child in the womb. VFL pledges to comply with all civil laws concerning non-harassment, the non-obstruction of clinic-access, and any other laws. All members engaging in sidewalk counseling as part of VFL must follow all of these expectations of behavior when participating with the group.

The JHU Office of Institutional Equity issued a ruling stating that VFL’s described sidewalk counseling ministry is “fully in accord with the university’s robust commitment to the values of free expression and open debate.”

What are fetal models?

Dr. Bernard Nathanson once said: “Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.” The aim of fetal model displays is not depict the horrors of abortion, but rather to reveal the beauty of the development of the unborn child. A picture speaks a thousand words. Fetal models speak volumes about the humanity of the unborn in ways that mere arguments simply cannot. And what’s not to love about cute little babies?! 

What is the cemetery of the innocents?

Cemetery of the innocents is an on-campus display of grave markers, each representing lives lost to abortion in just a single day in America. The Cemetery of Innocents display promotes awareness and critical thinking about abortion and its larger implications on our society at large. Many of those lives are missing from our classrooms at Hopkins today because they were not allowed to live.

2) Pro-life FAQ

(from Stanford Students for Life Pro-life Theory and Discussion Tactics)







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