[VFL] Recap of our first meeting

[VFL] Recap of our first meeting

Be the voice for the voiceless! 

Recap: First VFL Meeting

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to recap for anyone who couldn’t make it to the our first meeting this semester! Today, we discussed our goals and agenda for this semester.

Also, if you have a few minutes, please take the time to fill out this survey  to help us plan meetings and events tailored to your interests and share your thoughts/suggestions. 

Voice for Life Agenda:

Saturday, September 19th : Hamptonfest Fetal Model Display for fetal development awareness

Sunday, October 4th:  Respect Life Mass

Tuesday, October 6th: pro-life chalking in preparation for Respect Life Day 

Thursday, October 8th:  Respect Life Day (including Pro-life Cupcake Day and Day of Silent Solidarity) 

Thursday, October 22nd or 29th:  pro-life chalking on campus

Monday, November 9th to Friday, December 4th:  Diaper Drive for Pregnancy Center North

November 30th to December 4th:   Last week of Diaper Drive for Pregnancy Center North so VFL will be chalking around campus and hopefully hosting donation tables in the greater Baltimore community (such as at Giant). 

Intercession –  Friday, January 22nd : March for Life (rally at 12 noon and march 1 pm) 

Club meetings at 8:30 pm:

Tuesday, September 22nd

Tuesday, October 6th

Tuesday, October 20th

Tuesday, November 3rd

Tuesday, November 24th 

Tuesday, December 1st: end of the year celebration!

If you are not in the VFL GroupMe and/or the private Facebook group, please email your name and phone number to prolife@jhu.edu so that we can add you.

Media Campaigns for Fall 2015

September: #iSEETWO (According to secularprolife.org, “The concept is straightforward: “When some look at a pregnant woman, they see only one life; we see two.” Pro-choicers fail to recognize life in the womb. Pro-lifers who fail to acknowledge the woman make a similar error. #iSEETWO reaffirms our commitment to value both  lives in a pregnancy.”)

October: #silentday and #prolifegen, especially at Respect Life Day on October 8th  (According to silentday.org, “Silent Day Tweetfest and Social Media Storm is co-sponsored by “Pro-Life Youth” [such that] we are silent to spread the pro-life message using #silentday and #prolifegen.”)

With everything that we do, we truly have the opportunity of changing hearts and saving lives.

For life always,

VFL Executive Board

Who We Are

A pro-life student group at Johns Hopkins University, courageously defending the right to life from conception until natural death.


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If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at prolife@jhu.edu. 

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