[VFL] Your Voice Counts! Poll Results

[VFL] Your Voice Counts! Poll Results

“A person is a person,

no matter how small!”

~Dr. Seuss

Your Voice Counts!

Fall 2014 Poll Results


Thank you to everyone who participated in our poll! 

It opened online on October 28th and closed on November 10th. On campus on November 3rd, we had paper copies of the poll available for the Hopkins community to participate in. At a neighboring table, we were able to partake in some great discussions on the important issue of life and provide life-affirming resources to our campus.

The collected paper poll results have been included in the survey analysis. In total, 539 participants answered the questions on late-term abortion, sex-elective abortion, and trigger warnings. Here are the results!

Question 1: Do you think that late-term abortion (24 weeks and later) should be legal?  539  participated.

Yes: 35.25% (190)

No: 19.29% (104)

Uncertain: 10.95% (59)

I would not have a late-term abortion, but I think it should remain legal: 34.51% (189)

Question 2: Do you think that sex-elective abortion should remain legal?  529 participated, 10 skipped.

Yes: 18.53% (98)

No: 34.40% (182)

Uncertain: 12.48% (66)

I would not have a sex-elective abortion, but I think it should remain legal: 34.59% (183)

Question 3: What are your thoughts on trigger warnings?  523 participated, 16 skipped.

Necessary: 52.58% (275)

Unnecessary: 13.19% (69)

Indifferent: 34.23% (179)

With everything that we do, we truly have the opportunity of changing hearts and saving lives. 

Thank you all for your commitment to this very important cause! 

For life always,

VFL Executive Board


Photos from the event on campus:

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