[VFL] Respect Life Day!

[VFL] Respect Life Day!

Fall 2014

October 19th

Tomorrow is Respect Life Day on campus!


Hi everyone!

To prepare for the event:

Tonight, we will be baking and decorating cupcakes  in the Wolman kitchen from 9-11 pm. We also will be reviewing the topics that we will be focusing on and the materials that we will be handing out tomorrow. 

What we are doing for the event:

Chalking : Tomorrow morning from 9-10 am, we will be chalking the Levering Courtyard with pro-life messages. The courtyard space is reserved for our chalk messages until Friday. 

Pro-Life Cupcake Day:  From 10 am-2 pm (or until we run out), we will be handing out free cupcakes with a pro-life message on them. 

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity:   Give up your voice the 3,300 children who will lose theirs due to “choice” on the same day. For this, you will wear a piece of red duct tape that says “Life” and hand out flyers explaining why. For more information please click here . 

Thank you all for your commitment to this very important cause! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let Jess know at (201) 988-0371. 

For life,

VFL Executive Board

President: Jessica, Class of 2016

Vice-President: Scotty, Class of 2015 

Secretary: Andy, Class of 2017

Treasurer: Julian, Class of 2017

Pregnancy Resources Coordinator: Zach, Class of 2017

Campus Activism Coordinator: Regina, Class of 2016


About JHU Voice for Life

A pro-life student group at Johns Hopkins University, courageously defending the right to life from conception until natural death.


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