We Care Tour and New Pregnancy Resource Website

Thank you for all who came out to see the We Care Tour at JHU. Sexual assault has been a hot button issue on campus at JHU. The purpose of the We Care tour was to open up meaningful dialogue on the topic of sexual assault, to combat the myth that pro-life movement does not care about women, and to help those victims of sexual assault, who in 5% of cases become pregnant, to avoid the further pain of abortion.

We want to acknowledge that all rape is rape, that all rape is legitimate and that rape affects us all. We also want to empower women and men to understand what consent is, why it matters, and to connect them with resources and support if they have been victims of assault.

Voice for Life has presented a consistent message of compassion for women and their pre-born children. In both the cases of sexual assault and of abortion, we believe that women deserve better. The answer to the violence of sexual assault is not the violence of abortion. Just as it is wrong to say that only some rape is legitimate it is also wrong to say that some human lives do not have value because of the crimes of their father. Both women and their pre-born children deserve to be treated with dignity, and not as disposable commodities. In particular, we believe that JHU students who become pregnant should not have to choose between their pre-born babies and their education.

In light of these commitments, we have teamed up with our local pregnancy center to launch a new pregnancy resource website (www.PregnantatJHU.org). The website features an anonymous online chat feature with trained JHU student counselors, a 24 hour hotline helpline, and information about free resources that are available –including free adoption services, free parenting classes, and free babysitting which Voice for Life members hope to provide for parenting mothers in needy times of the semester, especially during finals week. We acknowledge that being a student-parent is difficult; we want to support  pregnant or parenting students as much as we can from the pregnancy test, to birth and beyond,


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