Join VFL at SFLA Conference and March for Life

Join JHU VFL on Two MAJOR Pro-life Events in DC

Tuesday, January 21
Students for Life of America Conference – Free limited scholarships

Did you find having dinner with Dr. Ben Carson inspiring, well you will have a fantastic opportunity coming up to network with more people like him. The 2014 SFLA National Conference is a one-day event that provides education, training, and networking opportunities with pro-life students from across America and national leaders who all know just how vital this pro-life generation is to abolishing abortion in our lifetime.CONFERENCE WEBSITE AND SCHEDULE

Wednesday, January 22
March for Life

SIGN UP TODAY!Join JHU Voice for Life (and half a million people!) at the March for Life in Washington DC on January 22, 2014. It’s an absolutely unbelievable experience if you’ve never been, and it is a tremendous witness to the dignity of human life against the inhumanity of abortion in our country.


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