Articles from JHU Newsletter

Updates on Voice for Life vs. JHU SGA. A fair and balanced article.

Now, this is what the culture of death looks like. The Newsletter editorial board falsely insinuates that VFL has pledged to participate in the Charles St. protests, plans to publicly display graphic images of abortion on campus, and other grossly false absurdities. VFL has stated repeatedly that we take no position on the Charles St. Protests; we will not erect public graphic displays of aborted babies on campus. Fetal models are not violent or graphic. If you are offended by a fetus, then you should remember that you yourself were a fetus once! All of these false accusations have been addressed in Voice for Life’s committee evaluation with the SGA, which makes us at VFL wonder where the Newsletter got their information. Their pro-abortion agenda is clear.

And to think, that only last year, the Newsletter editorial board supported free-speech (notwithstanding VFL’s non-affiliation). Amazing how things change!


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