Welcome to Voice for Life

Dear fellow JHU student,
I would like to congratulate you not only for being a student at the world’s most renowned medical university, but moreover, for being a person who has core convictions which inform you that some practices going on in today’s world of medicine violate the dignity of the human person. Without any further adieu, I would like to extend to you an invitation to join Johns Hopkins University’s newly re-founded and only Pro-Life student group (unaffiliated with any political or religious organization), Voice for Life (VFL)—which is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of JHU.


The goal of VFL will be to make the JHU campus more aware of pro-life issues. We believe that all human beings have an inviolable right to life, and that practices like abortion and euthanasia unfairly take this right away from the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society.
VFL asserts that abortion is a sign that we as a society have not met the needs of women and that we need to work harder to provide women with the resources they need so they don’t feel coerced to choose abortion. Women deserve better than abortion, and we will strive to help eliminate the root causes of abortion.
To these ends, we will invite pro-life speakers to campus, sponsor debates on campus, put up posters, advocate for information about abortion alternatives to be placed around campus, be present at student information fairs, and stand in the Breezeway in order to survey students and promote critical thinking on abortion and related issues.
Other activities will include volunteering opportunities at local crisis pregnancy centers in Baltimore, sidewalk counseling, maintaining contacts with local and national pro-life organizations, especially the Students for Life, and organizing an annual trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C.
As millions of unborn babies continue to be slaughtered in the womb every year in the USA, more than any Sandy Hook massacre or 9/11, your country and your campus need YOU to stand up for the dignity of human life. In particular, in order for Voice for Life to become a reality as an officially registered student organization, we need at least ten courageous students to step forward and declare yourselves as prospective members of VFL. Even if you are unsure of whether you can commit to yet another group, at the very least, please let me put you down as a prospective member so we can get the organization approved. If you are interested, there are also leadership opportunities available for the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer positions in VFL.
Meetings will be held on weekly basis.
If you are willing to become a prospective member of VFL, or if you would like to be considered for a leadership position, please email us at jhuvoiceforlife@gmail.com.

The group advisor for VFL is Frank Richardson, escort services coordinator for Campus Safety and Security at Homewood and 2009 Student Employer of the Year.

I pray that you will consider this opportunity to stand up for your pro-life values and join with others who share them.
– Andrew Guernsey
President, JHU Voice for Life

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